Friday, 7 March 2008

Shock Pad For Artificial Grass Play Areas

Artificial grass is a popular choice for outdoor play areas whether in schools, nurseries or just in the back garden at home. The reason it is popular is quite simple - artificial grass offers many benefits.

Here are the main benefits of artificial or fake grass for play areas:
  • the play area will be green all year round
  • no risk of muddy patches after a period of rain
  • the area will be usable for longer

Considering having a play area means you also have to look at safety aspects. The combination of our Lifestyle® Shock Pad (interlocking foam pads that go underneath the artificial grass) in conjunction with our Lifestyle® Play Grass is what we recommend as the best solution for an artificial grass play area. This will offer a Critical Fall Height of 1.2m which meets BS EN 1177 (British Standards).

At a time when parents and schools are being urged to ensure their children enjoy sufficient physical activity to stay healthy, using artificial grass in this way can be a positive boon. The enquiries we receive for play area grass are certainly on the increase and it's looking like more people than ever before will make this choice during 2008. If you are thinking of such a choice but have some questions, please email us or call our Customer Service Department or on our UK Freephone of 0800 6521281.