Friday, 14 March 2008

FIFA President's Pitch For Artificial Turf In 2010

Artificial turf recently received one of its biggest 'thumbs up' yet for use in high profile, world class sport: the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The event will take place in Africa and the climatic conditions that prevail there have been causing concern to its organisers for some time. With natural grass turf, the weather has to be considered and in many African countries the rainy and dry seasons make it difficult to produce and maintain top quality soccer pitches. The quality of the playing surfaces is always a crucial factor in top level soccer; indeed the final outcome of an important game can sometimes be influenced by how a pitch is playing. With these factors in mind, FIFA President Sepp Blatter has publicly suggested that artificial turf pitches are worthy of consideration for use in the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Commenting on the disappointing quality of the 2008 Nations Cup grass pitches in Ghana, Mr. Blatter pointed out that an artificial turf pitch offers players the same conditions all year round. In other words it's a matter of consistent quality.

As President of FIFA, Mr. Blatter is well aware of the importance of all he says. It is therefore been all the more surprising to many sports critics and fans that he went so far as to say:

"Artificial turf is the future"

Not surprising to us however! Within our Group we have a specialist company (SIS) that builds both natural turf and artificial pitches.

A more detailed account of Sepp Blatter's recent comments can be found on Eurosport.

Photograph: Artificial soccer pitch installed by SIS.