Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Year Resolution For A Better Lifestyle: Artificial Grass

The start of a new year heralds promise of better things to come and many people have resolved to improve their lifestyle in 2008. According to a Sky Real Lives survey published on 31 December 2007, most people in the UK want to improve their lifestyle, spend more time relaxing than working (as in the photo which features an artificial grass lawn) and work towards becoming 'greener'.

As the UK's leading manufacturer of artificial grass we wholeheartedly endsorse the idea; people need to spend more time with their friends and families and less time working, including working in the garden. Having a pristine lawn requires a lot of effort; not only that, but it places a big and unnecessary demand on water usage throughout the summer months (often the time when water usage is at its most critical) and requires regular application of pesticides and weedkillers. None of this is good for the environment.

So for anyone wishing to become 'greener' this is an area to focus on and it's where our artificial grass comes in. Having an artificial lawn means no more pesticides and weedkillers, no more need to run the water hose/sprinkler for endless hours in the summer and no need to get the lawnmower out every week. These are just some of the benefits to be enjoyed with artificial grass. To read more please visit our Artificial Grass Benefits page on our website.

With surveys such as the one from Sky Real Lives being published, we expect to see a significant increase this year in the demand for our artificial grass products, especially for children's play areas, an important item for many British families. (Look out for more on that shortly in our Artificial Grass Blog).