Thursday, 31 January 2008

Artificial Grass For Stage, TV & Film - No Screen Test Required

As one of Europe's premier artificial grass manufacturers we know from direct dealings with our customers that there are many ‘indoor’ uses for our products. Many television shows, theatrical and film productions and photographic studios require green grass in the context of outdoor scenes and shots which have to be filmed indoors. Using real grass, however, is very impractical and that's where artificial grass comes into its own. Some excellent examples of this are:

TV Commercials – to emulate a luscious, green garden setting in order to promote garden furniture or bbq sets etc.

Theatrical Productions – virtually any outdoor scene with grass in its context can be replicated on stage using artificial grass.

Photographic Shoots – again, recreating an outdoor context indoors for all kinds of photographs from fashion through to the obvious one of sports, particularly football.

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions - corporate trade stands promoting outdoor products can use artificial grass to tremendous effect on their exhibition stands and displays. Real grass simply isn't an option!

Artificial Grass Ltd supplies its green artificial grass products for all these applications but it doesn't end there. Things have moved on and our artificial grass factory is now busy producing other, coloured artificial grass. We now have:

Snow Grass - white artificial grass, ideal for any stage, production or studio setting requiring a wintry, outdoor context.

Blu Grass - blue artificial grass, ideal for many kinds of product promotions and corporate events.

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