Monday, 19 November 2007

White Artificial Grass: Snow Grass - Great For Santa's Grotto!

Just launched by Artificial Grass Ltd in the UK, "Snow Grass" is the latest in a line of exciting new products from this quality artificial grass manufacturer. With autumn now upon us and Christmas looming, this white artificial grass is set to be a winner with both the retail and domestic markets.

Retail & Commercial Use
Shop Christmas displays, whether in-store or shop window sets will be able to use Snow Grass to give added realism to the presentation of their products; Santa's Grottos such as you find in the big department stores and toy shops will benefit by being able to give Santa and his visitors something more comfortable under foot whilst at the same time making Santa's Grotto even more realistic.

Theatrical Use
Many theatre, tv and film productions require a 'snowy' context - a situation where real snow and real grass are simply not practical to use. This is where our white artificial grass is ideal. Indeed within the first workding day of Snow Grass being launched in our website we had a sale for use in a stage set!

Schools & Churches
Schools and churches will find our white artificial grass useful to help make their nativity displays that little bit special.

Domestic Use
At home you'll be able to enhance the setting of your Christmas tree by standing it on a piece of our Snow Grass or use some in your conservatory or on your balcony to add that extra special Christmas feel to accompany those expensive Christmas lights and decorations.

To learn more about Snow Grass visit our website or call UK Freephone 0800 6521281.