Monday, 16 July 2007

On The Verge Of Success With Artificial Grass

Green roadside verges in Britain may be a thing of the past before long thanks to global warming. As we all know, grass is only green with a regular supply of rain or water and when the inevitable hosepipe bans are introduced this summer, it will be the lack of water for our lawns and gardens that most of us think of. The thousands of miles of Britain's green grass verges will not get a second thought and will face a summer of drying out and yellowing. Traffic roundabouts and perimeter grassed areas of car parks and supermarkets as well as inner city public parks and walkways will also face the same fate. Local councils and organisations responsible for the maintenance of these verges and grassed areas will be hard pressed to do much about it.

Q: What's the answer? Q: Artificial Grass

These key features make it ideal for this application:

  • green
  • permeable
  • hard wearing
  • needs no watering
  • virtually maintenance free

Other countries are well ahead of Britain in implementing the use of artificial grass for roadside verges and perimeter grass areas, particularly in hotter climates where the arid conditions rarely if ever give rise to natural grass growing. The photo above shows a roadside verge in Oman where artificial grass produced in our factory has been used to create a luscious, all year round, maintenance-free series of roadside verges. Public response has been overwhelmingly in favour of the new idea and we expect more similar orders to follow.