Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Artificial Grass & Swimming Pools

As the weather grows warmer we can expect to see more swimming pools installed in our gardens. Everyone knows how much fun a good pool can be but a little planning beforehand can help your garden cope with this new addition. It's quite usual to have a non-slip border around the pool (eg. rubber tiles) to help provide a soft surface for any falls or bumps. It also copes with the splash-back area as chlorine in water can damage a lot of materials.

However, once you get beyond the two or three feet of rubber tiles what do you do then? Think about the wear and tear from the sunloungers and when you come to mow the lawn how difficult it will be to keep the grass cuttings out of the pool. One solution is to install artificial grass as an outer border around the pool.

Advantages will include:-

1. Soft and warm surface to walk or lie on.
2. No mud patches where the grass is worn away by many feet or busy sun loungers. Less mud in the house and the pool!
3. Porous surface which will cope with any excess water.
4. Hard wearing and easily replacebale when damaged.
5. Suitable for covering hard concrete and especially where there are cracks in the surface.
6. Minimal maintenance needed.
7. Multi colour choice.
8. No grass clippings to go in the pool.

Altogether a rather neat way to complement the investment in your swimming pool.