Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Look at us! A new website!

We want to bring you, our customers, the best experience. So with that in mind, we have updated our website, making it sleeker, easier to read on your phone or tablet, and we hope more inspirational.

We want to help you aspire and achieve the best lifestyle possible, so with our new website, samples are easier to order, you can have a look at the transformations that other customers have made when they laid artificial grass.

You can download the handy garden planner, so you can make sure you order the right amount of grass. You can have a look at how you lay the grass yourself, and you can purchase all the accessories you need to make your garden lawn beautiful!

So why not head over and see for yourself, and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Lets make life that much easier!

Yesterday, I gained quite an insight into why people make the change from real to artificial grass.

As I headed out with our photographer to talk to some customers and get some photos, I had no idea that it would be so eye-opening.

At our first stop, I learnt it was all about time and space. These busy people with a large garden had little time or interest in maintaining their outdoor space and so it became unusable. Big, overgrown shrubs, weeds, long grass - all things that we don't really like to look out on were a habitual problem. So, the solution? Artificial grass, paving and decking - this modern garden had it all, plus a very happy homeowner!

Along the road, we stopped with Brian who has two grandchildren and a dog. He raved about our Elite grass, which had been installed, while also explaining that he had previously worked hard to maintain his perfect lawn, of which he was very proud. The children had to stay off it, the dog wasn't allowed near it, but it looked fantastic.

After a health scare and realisation of the hard work it took to keep his lawn looking like it did, he made the decision to 'compromise'. His perfect lawn is now artificial, but his grandkids can run and jump all over it without any worries, and his dog can too!

So, I think the lesson is that artificial grass just makes life that bit easier, and that is enough!